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"Discover the Potential of Rice"

- Siam Crystal Rice -

The Zero Waste Cycle

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Crude Rice Bran Oil

Available in a variety acid values

AV 15-30

Refined Rice Bran Oil

Refined from freshly milled rice bran

Rice Bran Fatty Acid Distillated

Palm Kernel oil

Widely used in personal care and margarine making

Palm Kernel Meal

High in protein and fibre, suitable for cow and poultry

Soap / Gum / Wax

Rice bran soap, wax and gum


ข้าวจ้าว New Label Blue Cap 2021 (Front)

Rice Bran Oil

Oryzanol 8,000ppm

Jasmine New Label Blue Cap 2021 (Front)

Jasmine Rice Bran Oil

Oryzanol 13,500ppm

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