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The founder

Mr. Pornchai Tonitiwong

He started his journey in the rice business when he set up Sinpinyo Rice Mill in 1995 as he recognised the importance of "rice" as Thailand's the major economic crop.With the intention to continue developing the Thai rice industry, he co-established Asia Golden Rice Co., Ltd, a rice exporter, in 2003. His dedication and hard work contributed to the fast and strong growth of Asia Golden Rice, that it became the top exporter of Thailand. In order to achieve a consistent and reliable supply of rice, over 15 rice mills were set up around the country to support the continuing growth.

With the vision of bringing out the utmost potential of rice, he took the next step to extend the value of rice by establishing crude rice bran oil extraction plant under the name Siam Heart Oil Co., Ltd in 2011. He expanded his oil expertise to palm kernel oil in addition to the rice industry thereby setting up the crude palm kernel extraction plant in 2016. Recently after he moved on to launch refinery plant to produce both refined rice bran oil and refined palm kernel oil in parallel, two new rice mills, a power-generation plant and consolidate all companies to be known as Siam Crystal Rice Co., Ltd in 2017.


To be the leader in manufacturing agricultural-derived products that utilise its fullest potential. 


To deliver products with quality and safety standard for our customers with sustainable energy while being responsible for our stakeholders, and make positive impact to the society 

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