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  • Parboiled Rice Milling Plant 

    Uses heat-exchanging system which is a cleaner source of energy than the common practice of direct combustion


    Capacity: 1000MT/D

    Products: parboiled rice, rice bran, rice husk 

  • Jasmine Rice Milling Plant

    Specific for jasmine rice as lower temperature during milling will results in milder 


    Capacity: 250MT/D

    Products: jasmine rice, jasmine rice bran, rice husk 

  • Rice Bran Oil Extraction Plant

    Potential uses for feed mills and farms. Raw material for rice bran oil refining


    Capacity: 250MT/D

    Products: crude rice bran oil, defatted rice bran oil 

  • Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant

    Capacity: 250MT/D

    Products: crude palm kernel oil, kernel meal

  • Refinery Plant

    Parallel system for rice bran oil and palm kernel oil refinery


    Capacity: 100MT/D


    Products: refined rice bran oil, rice bran fatty acid distillate, soap/gum/wax,

    refined palm kernel oil, palm kernel fatty acid distillate

  • Biomass Power Plant

    The waste material of rice milling: rice husk, is used as a biomass energy source for power generation that supports all 5 plants with electricity and stream, using co-generation system. Hence promoting sustainability.


    Capacity: 4.5 Megawatts/D

    Products: steam, electricity 


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